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We paused Home rental business currently. It is schedule to open in late 2017.

Business Overview

Home rental business

Based upon reliable technology, MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. has offered a home rental service for artificial respirators for family use since 2016. Regarding the rental cost, health insurance has been applied for patients with a relevant disease since January 1, 2016. It means that the National Health Insurance Service supports the patients to decrease their economic burden.

Home rental service is also called "artificial respirator treatment service". The "service provider of artificial respirator treatment" registered with the National Health Insurance Service leases the artificial respirator to the patient registered with the National Health Insurance Service, as prescribed by a doctor. The patient receives a visit every month to supply and replace the consumables. The representative will check, record and manage the condition of the instrument and patient so that proper ventilation can be maintained.

We are a "service provider of artificial respirator treatment", registered with the National Health Insurance Service. Holding the only manufacturing technology for artificial respirators in Korea and with home care experts who have extensive clinical knowledge, we can offer the best service for clients.

Government support when leasing artificial respirators

Since January 1, 2016, health insurance has been applied to the rental cost for respiratory devices for relevant patients, supported by the National Health Insurance Service.

  • Target diseases : 11 rare diseases including myopathy, hereditary locomotor ataxia, multiple sclerosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, chronic respiratory failure, disorder of the central nervous system, lung disease, innate heart problems, etc.
  • Items eligible for insurance benefit : Rent for artificial respirators and standard supplies (tube, filter, humidifier tank, etc.), mask or connector for a patient with a tracheotomy.
  • According to the self-payment ratio for medical expenses, the health insurance recipient has to pay 10% of the lower between the standard cost and the actual cost. In reference to the type of instruments and supplies, the recipient has to pay 46,000 KRW-65,000KRW per month.
※ Since January 1, 2016, the beneficiaries of medical care are supported by the medical care business. And for the recipient in the near-poverty group whose self-payment is to be reduced, the National Health Insurance Service supports 100 percent of it.
  • NHIS Web page
  • Cyber center for civil complaint
  • Guidance for health insurance
  • Insurance benefits
  • Rent for artificial respirators and purchase of supplies
NHIS Web page You can find service providers and products of artificial respirator treatment at the web page of the corporation.