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MEKICS Showcased Expanded Range of Product Portfolio at MEDICA 2016


MEKICS Showcased Expanded Range of Product Portfolio at MEDICA 2016


Posted on 29 Nov 2016


The Central Monitoring System ‘MP601’


MEKICS, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) manufacturer, displayed its expanded, product portfolio of Intensive Care System at MEDICA 2016 (Dusseldorf, Germany), the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry.

Featured was a new patient monitoring system ‘MP601’, which introduced enhanced technology to help improve outcomes for patients. Central Station ‘MP601’ gathers and displays vital information with values from patient monitor and ICU ventilators up to 32 patients on the network. It comes with 10 days graphic trend for data management and is available wireless LAN.


MEKICS also introduced the world’s first respiratory care device, the OmniOx (High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy), which aims to provide cost effective solution by having all components for Non-invasive ventilation from HFNC, CPAP and BiPAP in a single device. Another respiratory care solution that was presented at MEDICA is the M3 (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which is specially designed for the people with sleep apnea. New ‘My Sleep’ app can diagnose and detect sleep apnea events via smartphone and website.


“MEKICS takes great pride in being a pioneer in ICU manufacturer, which has been our vision of business,” said Jong Cheol Kim, vice president of MEKICS. “Since 1998, we have focused on understanding customer needs and delivering more benefit and value to our customer.”