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MEKICS to exhibit latest products and technologies at Arab Health 2017


MEKICS to exhibit latest products and technologies at Arab Health 2017


Posted on 6 Feb 2017

MEKICS Booth at Arab health , DUBAI January 30, 2017   


Arab Health 2017, the world’s largest healthcare exhibition was held between January 30 and February 2, 2017 in Dubai, UAE. MEKICS was there as an exhibitor presenting their latest attention-grabbing product and advanced technologies in respiratory care. 


MEKICS knows that health care providers and clinicians are always on the lookout for smart technology that helps to reduce medical errors and increase patient safety. This year, MEKICS showed off medical ventilator, SU:M’s advanced features, which are essential for optimizing the delivery mechanical ventilation and successful weaning. With smart weaning function, SU:M automatically adjusts the inspiratory and expiratory trigger. This supports adaptive synchronization. 


SU:M is also capable for supporting neonatal care. With HFV mode and micro-pump nebulizer, MV2000 is designed for safe and lung-protective ventilation for neonatal patients. The extensive range of ventilation modes allows clinicians to provide all patients from adult to neonatal.


“Patient safety is always our top priority. Our focus is our technological development and clinical applications while dealing with the most challenging aspect of clinical care. SU:M is a great deal of focus on research and technology, which results quality of care and patient outcomes.” said Jong Cheol Kim, vice president of MEKICS.


SU:M combines a high level of clinical performance for all the clinical demands from conventional to high frequency ventilation controlled by MEKICS’s original technology with outstanding extension. It is now available nationwide.