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Agreement for personal information collection

Agreement for personal information collection

MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. is preparing a process for customers to click "I agree" or "I disagree" with the clause regarding personal information collection. If the customer clicks "I agree", it indicates that the customer agrees to the personal information collection.

Purpose of collection and use
Personal information is collected for communication purposes such as customer identification, requested service, transmission of notices regarding the service and certification of the customer's intention.
  • For smooth service, MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. is collecting the following personal information for consultation and service requests.
  • Customer support: Name of customer, place of usage, product information, phone number, email and the details of the service request
The period of possession and usage for the collected personal information

As a principle, we remove the relevant information immediately after achieving the goal of personal information collection and usage. However, if there is a need to preserve the customer information in reference to the regulation of related laws, we preserve it for a certain period of time appointed by the related law as below.

  • The record regarding the consumer's complaints or dispute handling: Three years (Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.)
Removal process and method for personal information

As a principle, we remove the relevant information right after achieving the goal of personal information collection and usage. The removal process and method are as follows.

Removal process

  • The information input for the user's service use must be moved to a separate database (in case of paper, a separate filing cabinet) after the goal has been achieved. It is stored for a certain period of time and removed in reference to the internal policy and reason for information protection appointed by other related laws. (Refer to the possession and usage period)
  • Unless otherwise stipulated by the law, the personal information moved to a separate database must be used for possession only.

Removal method

  • For personal information saved in electronic file format, we delete it using a technical method in which the record cannot be retrieved afterward.
  • Personal information saved on paper is removed through shredding or incineration.
As a principle, the provider of personal information uses the personal information of users for collection and usage only. The provider must not reveal it to other people, companies or organizations. However, there are exceptions in the following conditions.
A technical and administrative measure for personal information, in case an investigation agency demands it in reference to the procedure and method stated in the related law for a criminal investigation, or based upon the regulation of the law.

Administrative measures

  • Establishment of a personal information management system: In order to manage the personal information safely, we have established and are operating a personal information management system.
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