MEKICS will lead the changes in respiratory care through continuous innovation.
CEO’s Message CEO’s Message
Dear customer and investors
I deeply appreciate your interest in MEKICS.
ceo CEO of MEKICS, Jong Cheol Kim
Since the founding, MEKICS has been committed to creating social value by providing technologies and services aimed at caring patients and improving the quality of life. Our corporate name MEKICS is an abbreviation of Medical Equipment of Korea Intensive Care System. It presents our corporate identity and goal which focus on supplying medical equipment for serious patients and ultimately pursue a global player through specializing and advancing related technologies.
Despite a short history, I’m convinced that we have attained significant performances in the medical equipment market for serious patients.
Starting with leading the technology for patient monitors in Korea, MEKICS has become the first Korean company to develop ventilators and CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for home. We also succeeded in developing software-type high-frequency ventilation technology and commercializing a world-class combined ventilator. As a result, MEKICS has grown to be the only company that can produce ventilators and respiratory care devices in Asia.
MEKICS is a promising young enterprise who pioneers a new future.
Without being complacent about existing accomplishments such as the titles of “Korea’s First,” “Pioneer in the Medical Equipment for Serious Patients,” and “Korea’s Unique,” we will continue to focus on technology development and advance into the global stage. Our efforts will also be made to realize the happiness of customers, shareholders, and employees as well as corporate growth.