MEKICS recruits creative and challenging talents.
Workplace Info. Office Life
Compensation System
Our special compensation system provides all employees with opportunities to become leaders and cultivate their capabilities.
Annual Salary System
Combination of basic salary by position and variable pay based on individual competence and performances
Performance-based Bonus
Sharing a certain amount of the surplus when the company overshoots its annual management goal
MBO System
Designing and setting corporate management goals
Individual competence improvement support system
Reflection of job performance and competence
Welfare System
All employees share operating performances and business plans in 1Q and 3Q and participate in outdoor activities and communication in 2Q. Company track meeting is held in 4Q.
Birthday Gifts
The CEO’s letter of thanks and corporate gifts are delivered to employees, their parents, and spouse who greet birthday.
Optional Welfare System
We operate an optional welfare system where employees can choose welfare items within the range given by the company to encourage their self-development and health promotion
Employee Loans
Loans are available when employees urgently need funds, which helps them dedicate to office life.
Long-service Reward
A reward system is running to encourage and celebrate long-service of employees.
Support for In-company Clubs
The company supports employees’ in-company club activities to create a pleasant working environment and cultivate cooperative spirit.