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Privacy Policy
Agreement on gathering private information
MEKICS has a procedure that allows customers to select the buttons “Agree” or “Not Agree” about the terms and conditions on gathering private information. Clicking the “Agree” button is regarded that customers agree on gathering private information.
Purpose of gathering
Securing a communication channel for identifying customers, checking inquiries, delivering notices on services, and confirming personal opinions
Gathering items
We gather the following items for smooth consulting and services.
Customer supports: Customer name, service place, product information, contact points such as e-mail and phone number, and service inquiries
Storage and use of private information
In principle, gathered information is destroyed after achieving its purpose without delay. Meanwhile, the company can keep the information for a certain period stipulated in related regulations if necessary.
Records about complaints and conflict handling: 3 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
Destruction procedure and method
The company destroys gathered private information after achieving the purpose without delay. The procedure and method are as follows.
Destruction procedure
Gathered information is transferred to a separate DB (or a separate filing cabinet in case of documents) after achieving the purpose and then, is destroyed after being stored for a certain period in accordance with internal policies and related regulations.
Private information in the DB cannot be used for other purposes beyond storage except in the case of legislative systems.
Destruction method
Private information which is stored as the form of electronic file is destroyed by a technically non-reproductive method.
Printed information is destroyed by a shredder or incineration.
Provision of private information
The company uses the information only for the fixed purpose and does not provide it to other companies or institutions. However, the following is an exception.
When investigative agencies require the information in accordance with fixed procedure and methods for the purpose of investigation.
Technical and managerial handling of private information
Managerial handling
Establishment of private information control system: We have established and operate an in-company private information control system to safely handle private information.
Inquiry on service
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Check the label on the back of product.
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